Frequently asked questions

How much does tuition cost?

The cost for our competitive gymnastics program varies by level and program. If you are seeking to join our competitive program, please speak with the office directly about pricing.

Recreational beginner and intermediate gymnastics: $89/month for once a week classes and $135/month for twice a week classes

PreGym (3 and 4 year olds): $79/month for once a week classes and $115/month for twice a week classes

Mommy & Me: $69/month for once a week and $99/month for twice a week classes

Ninja Warrior: $89/month for once a week classes and $135/month for twice a week classes

Tumbling: $89/month for once a week classes and $139/month for twice a week classes

Does your gym allow kids to stop in to play?

Our program is based on structured classes, and for the sake of appropriate staffing and planning we need to know in advance who will be attending what class. To join us in a class, you can enroll online or contact us!

If your kiddos would like to experience the facility in a less-structured setting, Open Gym is held for participants 5 and up every Friday night from 6:30 to 9:00. No registration is required beforehand, and anyone from the community is welcome to join us!

How do I schedule a birthday party or event?

In order to ensure accurate and up to date availability information, all party inquiries are handled by phone at 386-405-5998. Please call us during normal business hours Monday to Friday, 2p-8p or Sat 9a-12p.

How old do participants need to be to begin classes?

Our Mommy & Me classes welcome athletes as soon as they are able to walk and climb small surfaces on their own.

See our Gymnastics tab for more information! 

How do I get invited onto the competitive team program?

Competitive gymnastics is a very demanding sport. We know well the pressures that competition settings put on young athletes, and we are careful not to ask anyone to make that jump before we know they are fully prepared for a safe, happy, and successful season. For specific questions about your athlete’s journey, please contact the front desk directly.

Athletes who are current or former competitive gymnasts from another gym are invited to contact the front desk for more information about joining our team and where you will be placed.