USAG 1-10 and Xcel

Flight Gymnastics is proud to provide opportunities for competitive athletes of all levels. Team gymnastics builds on the foundations athletes have curated in the rec program or PreTeam. We know that each athlete’s journey is as individualized as they are, and we are careful to place and progress our gymnasts in such a way that they can always be set up for success. The dual goals of our program are to prepare athletes for competitive gymnastics, and for all that will come after. In addition to strength and skills, we strive to instill values such as discipline, work ethic, self-worth and healthy habits.

Experienced Coaches
State of the art equipment
intentional programming
team mentality

Programs Offered


This is where foundations are built. Flight offers competitive Levels 1-5. Athletes will be asked to try out for a Compulsory team after being recognized by their coaches in the rec program. Levels 1-5 increase in difficulty in carefully programmed increments so that athletes can be prepared to soar in the Optionals program!


The Optionals program encompasses Levels 6-10. Athletes compete individualized routines that showcase their personal strengths, while still utilizing the foundation of strength and flexibility built in the Compulsory program. 


USAG developed the Xcel program as an alternative to the traditional Compulsory to Optionals route. Athletes in the Xcel program are able to compete routines that are tailored to their individual strengths, but without the same financial and time requirements as the JO programs.

Flight’s competitive program is by invitation only and requires an assessment by the Director

Please note that we accept all athletes who are interested in gymnastics, but we will place you where we feel you will be most successful. 

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