Where gymnasts come to learn

Our recreational gymnastics program includes 3 progressive levels for young athletes who want to learn gymnastics skills in a safe and fun setting. These programs focus on developing strength, flexibility and coordination in an engaging and supportive learning environment.


This is where to start! A 55 minute class for 5+ year old gymnasts who are brand new to the gymnastics world. Our coaches focus on establishing a solid foundation and proper technique. Gymnasts will learn the basics of vault, bars, beam, and floor. New skills include:

  • run and straight jump on vault
  • pull overs on bars
  • shaping drills on beam
  • handstands, cartwheels, bridges on floor


A 55 minute class for our gymnasts who have excelled beyond the beginner stages. They will build on their foundation, learning skills such as:

  • handstand flat backs on vault
  • back hip circles and glide swings on bars
  • jumps and handstands on beam 
  • kick-overs and round-offs on floor


This is an evaluation-based class that requires pre-approval to enroll. A 90 minute class for our gymnasts who have more extensive experience and proven skill. Our coaches work to polish all prior skills and continue to expand our gymnasts’ abilities, learning new skills like:

  • front handsprings and half-on over vault
  • double back hip circles on bars
  • cartwheels and dismounts on beam
  • front and back handsprings on floor